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4 key takeaways to build a more consumer-like experience for your employees

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic changed the working world as we know it. As restrictions lift and we gradually move back to office life, it’s vital that we carry forward the learnings that lockdowns have given us.

If the forced switch to remote work taught us anything, it’s that creating efficient digitized workflows is fundamental to keeping your employees connected. With each other, with your company and with the departments that exist to make their work life function smoothly: HR, IT, FM and Legal.

If you’re already prioritizing an employee-centric approach, you’re on the right path. In today’s hyperspeed world, employees expect the same level of comfort in the office as they do at home, with quick fixes ready at the tap of a button.

Luckily, there’s a solution designed to make this consumer-like experience a reality for your employees. ServiceNow provides a solid, employee-centric application toolbox, to be tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs.

So, let’s dive into the details. Below, we’ll outline 4 key takeaways for executives looking to build a more consumer-like experience for their employees — all of which can be brought into reality with ServiceNow.

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1. Empower workers with employee-centric, intuitive workflows

In our experience, there’s a fundamental truth in creating employee-centric offices: if you hand your employees the tools to unleash their productivity, they will use them. Put simply, when you give employees the ability to self-serve, they want to self-serve.

These tools might include a unified portal to access information and resolve issues regarding IT, HR, FM, and Legal. The ServiceNow knowledge base makes this happen, storing an evolving library of guidelines and instructions for employees. This enables workers to self-serve and self-solve on a daily basis, on topics from booking rooms to booking holidays.

Or it might be a conversational virtual agent, so employees can access immediate support. With ServiceNow, you can wave a cheery goodbye to waiting on hold while overburdened HR or IT departments struggle to keep up with an influx of minor requests!

When it comes to FM with ServiceNow, integration is the priority for creating digitized workflows to enhance employee experience. For example, DXC FM Application founder Jan Korlaar highlights integrating FM room booking applications with Outlook, so employees don’t need to duplicate actions across various platforms. Instead, it’s done in a few clicks, with no need to think twice!

2. Hide complexity with a one-stop digitized portal

Running an organization is no simple task. From light bulbs to catering and salaries to sick leave, there’s a phenomenal amount of workflows to keep track of to ensure an enhanced employee experience.

With ServiceNow, the complexity of digitizing these processes is kept safely behind the scenes. The platform allows you to add all the integrations you require — as well as tailoring the interface to suit your organization’s specific needs — while your workers experience a seamless, employee-centric one-stop portal.

Clear-cut and intuitive, it will lead them along digitized workflows designed for highly efficient interactions, keeping the complicated workings out of sight and out of mind.

For example, ServiceNow enables simply scanning a QR code at a specific location (a printer, say) to report an issue (out of paper, out of toner, or simply not working) in a few easy steps. Up next? A quick solve from the designated administrator, who knows exactly what they’re being called in to fix.

This ease of use plays into another key aspect of ServiceNow: it’s a mobile-first option. “What employees really want is access to everything via mobile: room booking, arranging face-to-face office time, parking, and so on. With ServiceNow, we can make that happen,” says DXC’s Jan Korlaar.

3. Legacy doesn’t mean obsolete: utilize the old, while introducing the new

Creating fully digitized workflows within a truly employee-centric work environment can seem like a daunting task. While some legacy systems might need to be reworked to make it happen, there’s often no need to restart from scratch.

With ServiceNow, you can leverage a combination of action and management to create multi-system workflows. These use what they can from the old, while manageably introducing the new.

This aspect of ServiceNow allows you to coordinate actions across your departments as soon as possible — a vital component in creating an employee-centric organization. With a one-stop portal for IT, HR, FM and Legal needs, employees no longer need to waste time considering what category their request falls under, before they’ve even had the chance to make it!

“Take employee onboarding, for example,” explains DXC’s Jan Korlaar. “Finalizing salary arrangements and providing a new laptop, access key and identity badge is a combination of HR, IT and FM. With ServiceNow, we can combine all these concepts in one platform. It’s all far easier to manage, with no need to bounce request tickets between siloed, unsynced departments.”

Losing track of all the niche applications your organization currently uses for every specific request? You’re not alone. For more information on how ServiceNow can help you to make sense of the vast range of employee experience solutions on the market, read our blog on the topic here.  

4. Employee-centric services boost ROI

It’s a well-known fact that content employees are productive employees. When creating digitized workflows to enhance the employee experience, the ultimate goal is empowering your workers to do what they do best, even more efficiently.

This simultaneously drives both their job satisfaction, and overall company health and performance. “With ServiceNow, you can finally put an end to the feeling that everything that’s so easy when working from home becomes frustrating and time-consuming again in the office,” says DXC’s Jan Korlaar. “If you hand your top talent the tools to resolve the minor obstacles they encounter within an employee-centric interface, they won’t hesitate.”

Driven to start implementing employee-centric, digitized workflows in your organization? Explore our guide to getting started here. 

ServiceNow: the key to enhanced employee experience

Overall, delivering what your top talent wants and needs is the optimum way to boost productivity, reduce friction and improve your overall company health. For a truly consumer-like, employee-centric experience, ServiceNow provides a comprehensive solution.

To find out more about how ServiceNow can enhance your employee experience, download our whitepaper Enhanced employee experience: the key to a successful workplace here. 

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